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Web sites are 100% reviewed by people, not automated technologies
One of the oldest and most trusted Internet Filtering companies (over 10 happy years)
Certified by Microsoft
Single click install
Only access reviewed Web sites


We don't guess - no under blocking - only access safe sites




Why Filter? Fight Illegal Content,
Protect Against Harmful Content, Raise Awareness

Exposure to media violence significantly
increases aggressive behavior

 Best practices suggested by
the FBI, CIA and others 

Online Safety Guide from
 the US Department of Justice

Julie's Video - A 3 minute video, Julie, age 13
left home with something she developed
a relationship with online

Have questions about as social networking,
cell phone texting, or virtual worlds? Call for
FREE for help (Bilingual English and Spanish)

Free Child Identity Card

Free Staying Safe Online Contract

With fast moving computer games, iPods and violent imagery at every turn are we raising a generation of Kids with an unquenchable thirst for thrill-seeking brain function and ultimately thrill-seeking behavior?  At Kidsnet we believe that just as many of us are "diet conscious" when it comes to what we eat we should also monitor our "brain diet" and only allow positive and loving thoughts. Learn more about the science of a "brain diet"

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